I Design, Execute, and Optimize Marketing Strategies

Get the maximum return on your marketing investments without the hefty price tags of an agency – from someone whose actually trained agencies on how to optimize their creative campaigns.

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Accelerate Your Business Growth with Full-Stack Marketing Support

As a Marketing Manager with an extensive background in Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Website Development, I will take you from strategy to efficient execution utilizing my 7+ years of experience working with the industry’s latest technologies, processes, and partnerships to achieve optimal returns on all of your marketing investments.


Identify unique value propositions, pinpoint your target audiences, and create a comprehensive strategy that aligns your marketing goals with business objectives.


Develop compelling creative that effectively communicates your brand's messaging, resonates with your target audience, and drives them to take action.


Leverage industry-leading production processes, technologies, and vendors to ensure the seamless execution of your campaigns - delivering high-quality results, always within budget.


Harness the power of cutting-edge analytics platforms to derive actionable insights from your marketing campaigns, inform your decision-making, reduce costs, and fully optimize your ROI.


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Rebranding The World's Largest Production Consultancy

My work at Advertising Production Resources (APR) showcased my ability to serve not only as a Global Marketing Manager, but also as a trusted consultant in marketing production. From rebranding their entire organization to producing countless white papers, landing pages, articles, press releases, conference presentations, and more, I skyrocketed APR’s KPIs throughout my three-year tenure. Furthermore, I assisted in providing client-facing trainings on emerging topics and technologies like Virtual Production, Artificial Intelligence, Production Analytics, Process Optimizations, DE&I Programs, Sustainability Initiatives, and much more.

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Don't Just Take My Word For it

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about Me

After attending Pratt Institute for Cinematography, I quickly joined a small startup at Ridge Wallet, where our marketing efforts exploded this B2C brand into global recognition within a year – generating over $750,000 USD in click-through revenue from our digital efforts, alone. Shortly after, I ventured into B2B consulting, working for the largest construction safety consultancy in the US, followed by a successful partnership with a legal firm located in Washington, DC.

Finally, I leveraged my background in Cinemetagrophy to join Advertising Production Resources (APR) as their Global Marketing Manager, where I trained Fortune 500 brands (from Meta to Google) on how to optimize their content creation – from DE&I programs to production cost-consulting initiatives.

Outside of work, I love to read, go on long hikes with my partner and rescue pitbull, and develop 3D environments within Unreal Engine 5. Let’s create some amazing work together!

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I’m actively accepting new clients – and I’m even applying for new full-time positions! Feel free to utilize the form below to reach out to me, or simply email me at dillonshanea@gmail.com.

I look forward to meeting you!